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Quality Or Price?

What are PLR articles and which type are right for me?

Private Label Rights or PLR articles are articles you can buy individually, as part of a set, or as part of a membership site that you can post to your website, blog or email autoresponder just to name a few uses.

Lately PLR has been getting a bit of a bad rap, and justly so, because people trying to save a buck or two are buying cheap PLR. Cheap PLR isn’t worth the space it is written on and can hurt your site more than help it.

Sometimes people don’t realize there is a difference in quality and assume that all PLR is the same bad content they originally purchased from some other site. One thing remains the same. You get what you pay for. Oftentimes, the PLR service the might cost a buck or two more actually makes you more money in the long run.

No One Was Ever Sorry They Chose Quality Over Price!

So, what makes a good PLR service and how can you make sure that you don’t waste you money on a bad one?

Here are some questions for you to consider before investing your money into a PLR package or membership. Whether you chose to do business with me or someone else, I want you to make the decision that is right for you!

1. Are you getting the subjects your need?

If you decide to join a membership site and you are promised fifty articles per month and the topics are “how to deal with a mean car salesman” or “how to train your cat to bark”, what good does that do you when your website is about healthy eating habits? You just threw your money away.

2. What quality are you getting?

If you are looking to save a buck or two, please beware of what you are getting. There is a ton of junk PLR out there that is a waste of your time and money. Don’t be sucked in by a ridiculous price only to be disappointed when you see the product. I have purchased good PLR and bad and I was never sorry I chose quality over price and won’t be either.

3. Do they offer a distribution limit?

Do you really want the same set of articles that 2000 other people have downloaded? What kind of impression will that make on your readers? We set a very low limit on all our PLR packages. If you don’t mind rewriting other articles a bit then maybe you could get by with another service, however, if you’d like to feature more unique articles, then a service such as ours with a more limited distribution may be a better fit for you.

4. Are there any extras available to help your business?

Some site just offer the download and that is about it. While others give you quality ideas, tips, and techniques on how to best utilize PLR. Decide what you are looking for before you make a PLR purchase and you will be much happier once you do buy.

Get the most value you can for your hard earned dollar is my main point. Make sure the PLR you buy is capable of doing what you want it to do and you will invested wisely in the long term growth of your business.